5 Dates You’ll Never Forget (originally posted on www.livelaughlove.london)

So, I’ve rediscovered dating and my partner and I now consider it a staple of a functioning relationship. 

It’s about spending quality time and making memories together which is something I value so much at this point in my life. 

Anyway, you know I love sharing, so I compiled a list of really memorable dates at some on my favourite places!
                             The Sky Garden
The sky garden, 20 Fenchurch Street is one of the most spectacular places to visit in London. With panoramic views of the city outside and richly planted terraces inside, you’ll be astounded by the visual feast for your eyes….if you can take them off your date for a few seconds! 

The garden itself is actually free to visit but you need to book in advance and depending on when you want to go, you might want to book at least a week or two in advance. There are two restaurants there as well as two bars so whether you want to have a full meal or just something light, there are plenty of options. For me, it was the cocktails that absolutely won my heart – each one was like a work of art and they tasted just as good as they looked!
The great thing is, you don’t have to just do a dinner and drinks date here – there are lunch and even breakfast options too. I will certainly be going back for breakfast on a clear day, see you there!

                             Parliament Hill
Parliament hill always has and always will be one of my favourite places in London. It’s a lovely place for a picnic on a warmer day or perhaps a flask of hot chocolate on a colder one. For me, I love to take a kite and feel like a child again as I hopelessly try and get it into the air…although there’s often another child that manages to effortlessly get their kite soaring high whilst giving me a smug yet withering look, just to remind me that passing the age of 30 automatically means I’m now utterly crap at anything other than wondering how I managed to hurt my back…but I digress! Take your date to Parliament hill and enjoy a slice of rural England whilst surrounded by the city.

                      Brunch at Beany Green

A brunch date can be the perfect alternative to a long dinner that leaves you both feeling a bit too full and knackered for any meaningful conversation afterward – it’s not stupidly early in the morning, it can be lovely to do on a Sunday and (most importantly) you get to eat a meal that’s both breakfast and lunch combined – hurrah!
I have an all-time favourite brunch spot; Beany Green in Broadgate offers an Aussie style bottomless brunch that will make this a spot that you and your date return to time and time again on those lazy Sunday mornings. 

With offerings of Bulford Brown free range eggs, avocado every which way and chilli pesto on sourdough, you’ll be spoiled with bold flavours to fuel your day. ‘What could make this place any better?’ I hear you ask. Well, how about bottomless prosecco? Or perhaps some craft beer? No?? Well, a Boozy Bloody Mary it is then!


       Afternoon tea at St James Court Hotel
Afternoon tea is not a new concept here in blighty, but with more and more variations being created by various hotels and establishments it’s becoming harder to not only wade through the choices. The St James’ Court Hotel puts a little twist on the norm though, offering a delectable Tea party in wonderland containing kooky crockery and culinary delights like Strawberry Potion served in delightful little bottles with the iconic ‘Drink Me’ label and pocket watch macarons as well as cucumber sandwiches made with beetroot bread. Add a bottle of prosecco and I would be grinning like a Cheshire cat.
Not to be outdone, they also offer an absolutely charming Jungle Book afternoon tea both with twisted creations to reflect the themes and characters of Kipling’s classic. Shere Khan’s masala chai éclair is a stroke of genius, not to mention classic flavours of the best coronation chicken I have ever tasted. You can give your date a keepsake to take away too, in the form of the Taj’s bespoke limited edition of the book – a truly wonderful touch to make it a date never to be forgotten.

‘The Dinner’ on the Belmond British Pullman

This final date for this post is a truly special one and a dream of mine. It’s of a much higher price range than the rest of my suggestions but if you have the means, it’s certainly something worth doing!
The Belmond British Pullman is a sister to the Orient Express and offers a truly memorable dining experience that rivals some of the best restaurants in London.
With guest celebrity chefs, murder mysteries and Laurent Perrier champagne paired dinner options, there are some wonderful options to choose from and each is as special as the next.
There’s a private lounge at Victoria station, where you will be treated to a cocktail reception and live music as you wait to board. Then, once onboard you and your date can enjoy a glass of fine champagne as the engine makes it’s way through some of britain’s best countryside.
The wine paired tasting menu is seasonal and a true culinary journey that’s made all the sweeter by the sumptuous surroundings and faultless service. For me, an experience like this really embodies ‘storybook dating’ as it’s something you tell your children about. It’s a memory you look back on after decades and cherish as being momentous, spectacular and special.


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